How to choose a right advocate ?


During our life we sometimes need a lawyer, then it comes to mind that how to choose a right advocate. Whether you are drafting a will or a trust, buying or selling real estate, getting a divorce, it is important to select the best attorney possible. If some of us know personally one and will of course seek his help. For most of us the search often starts by asking our relatives. If they can recommend a legal professional, either because they are used to the legal field or they know one themselves. Now every person are searching their lawyer online, without asking first for recommendations.

Whatever the method used. It is still key to properly choose your lawyer and not to limit yourself at the first name you get. To guide you in this choice, here is a list of advices. A lawyer is help you with topics that are often vital, or events that are key in your life.

How to choose a right advocate ?

Identify Your legal Problem

First you have to identify what kind of legal problem you have. When you understand the type of your legal problem, then you should search for a lawyer related to your problem.

Do Your Research about the lawyer you want to hire

In the research phase, you can start making a list of several lawyers from personal referrals of your friends, neighbors and business associates. Online resource is another good source which comes with the added benefit of consumer reviews.

Focus on the type of lawyer you need

All Lawyers will not be specialized in every legal area. Some may be specialized in trademark, some in formation of company or LLC or some in drafting common business contracts. In the best interest of your business it is advisable to choose a general business attorney who has good referral background for your specialized needs.

Seek Those With Experience

While it is important to have an attorney that you can trust, it is equally important that they have extensive experience in the area of law for which you require their services. A lawyer more experienced is more likely to provide advices based on what he lived and what he is used to. It often allows for a better guidance in your file, giving you more detailed information about risks and potential consequences of one procedure or the other.

The field of expertise

Even if in theory, all lawyers can deal with any type of cases based on their studies and experience. Most lawyers specialize and develop a deeper expertise in a limited number of areas. In general, choosing a lawyer based on this element grants you a good level of expertise and a better guidance all along your case.

Choose a lawyer who gives additional benefits

In addition to legal services and advice, many law firms host regular events to encourage clients to meet and network. They conduct live events and webinars. It is wise to choose an advocate associated with trade associations and other professionals which you can benefit from. They may also give you business leads.

Spoken languages

Nowadays a lots of persons know how to make themselves understood in English.  A large majority has an easy access to online translators, so we often consider that language is not an issue.


You should look for a person who is available for you when you need him. The advocate should be available for meetings at your convenience, not according to his/hers. He should quickly reply back to the emergency calls or messages.

Find a Lawyer in Your Price Range

Legal advice is quite costly. It is important that you know your lawyer fees. Collect an estimate from your advocate based on your legal needs. Do not be hesitant to discuss fee structure. It enables you to plan your legal costs.

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