divorce case

The legal process of a separation depends upon the type of divorce. The marriage will be take more than a year to be disorganized, if a divorce is controversial, but when we are here, you no need to worry at all, we have team of Best Advocates in Durg – Bhilai for divorce cases.

If it is a divorce through Mutual consent, the process will be relatively quicker and easier.

Divorce could take more time, when there is Child Custody Case, but our team of best advocates in Chhattisgarh provide their best possible ability to finish the case process as soon as possible.

Best advocate in Durg - Bhilai
Legal notice-

If you are facing any sort of wedding dispute, you can legally send a notice to your spouse before reaching to the courts as the last resort. Most wedding disputes get settled once they receive a legal notice. Our best advocates for divorce cases help you to send a legal notice that increases the chances of getting your wedding dispute resolved.


Advocate Gaurav Sharma and his team are the best advocates in Durg – Bhilai. We help you to select the versed divorce lawyers in Durg – Bhilai offering skilled services. Here, you can also find the contact details, addresses, and types of services offered by the lawyers listed. To find a reliable and experienced divorce contact us with details as well as descriptions.

Based on your specifications, as a best advocates in Durg – Bhilai for divorce cases, we would get in touch with you at the specified convenient time. You just need to phone call to know your advocate and talk about specific facts of your situation. Our lawyer helps you in your issues and required services. You can discuss the service charges with the lawyer.

Documents Require To File Divorce in India
  • Address Proof of Petitioner
  • Marriage Certificate / Invitation Card / Photographs
  • Affidavit (Income & Expenditure)
  • Passport Size Photograph of Petitioner
  • Our Lawyer will be handle the further divorce proceedings.